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Hello all, hope this is the 'right' section to post this question in.
I am considering purchasing a 3-node Nutanix box. I have pricing, read/watched all the videos and am intrigued about the option. I am currently running 2 vmware hosts with a san and have to replace. I would be converting 15-18 vmdk servers to run in the new enviroment and not utilizing VMWare any more.
Questions that come to mind -
How well has this worked for people - vmware to prisim?
'All' the video's and documentation states that this type of process can be done rather simply and w/o alot of additional support. Can this process (install new Nutanix, Xtract vmdk servers,convert to 'only' Prisim) be done easly and through support just by buying the product - or require additional/external resources? Not wanting to downgrade any vendors or their services but 'services' seem high for such a simple conversion (no exchange/oracle/etc - just AD,File/Print,Web, and SQL) servers.
Thanks in advance ..

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Well, I'll weigh in with some input based on my experience. We are moving from VMware to NX. It sounds like you also want to convert your environment to AHV, the Acropolis Hypervisor, and move away from the ESXi hypervisor. We have not yet run into any issues with that, but our conversion is not yet complete. As far as setting up the new environment, I believe you are going to want some vendor support for that. I am referring to the initial cluster and hardware setup. Once the cluster is running, then VM migrations are generally straightforward and by then you also have NX support. There are some issues with Xtract as you can read about in the forums, but there are updates coming to xtract soon.

Hope this helps.