Xtract for VMs Migration Issue

Xtract for VMs v1.1.6
vSphere 6.0.0
Nutanix 5.8.1 (Acropolis Hypervisor)

Manually installed VirtIO client
Constantly getting the error below when attempting migration

Disk access error: The server refused connection. Possible cause :"VM is being migrated in vCenter"

There are no other operations being performed on the VM. I tried cloning and renaming the VM but it still fails with the same error.

Any ideas?

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Same issue here on a w2k1016 machine, do you have any updates ?
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Seeing the same thing with windows 2012 and ubuntu. Using Xtract 1.1.8. Troubleshooting to see what can be done.
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I ran into the same error, and I think refreshing the source inventory fixed the issue (the VM was migrated, and Xtract couldn't find it). You should check the following:

Refresh the inventory on the VMWare source
Make sure there are no snapshots on the VM (and that nothing else like your backup solution is doing anything with the VM)
Make sure that VMWare Tools is installed/up-to-date/running
Can anyone confirm resolution on this? Seeing it on Xtract 1.1.7 and server 2012 R2

-other machines in vCenter have been migrated without issues.