Nutanix Xtract Validation Failed: User must belong in a group with restore files and directories security policy

Hi All,

I am stuck with Nutanix Xtract on doing a test migration. The process fails immediately when executing the validation with the following error message:

"Error validating credentials for VM : 'Ensure that the user must belong in a group with Restore files and directories security policy.'."

The migration is from a source VMware ESXi 6.0 environment towards a new Nutanix AHV 5.8.2 environment.
The VM involved is a Windows Server 2016 system and I am using a domain admin account for logging on (as part of the migration plan settings).

There is not much information on the web on this issue and therefore I am reaching out on this platform.

Anyone any ideas?


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This issue is now resolved!

With great help from Nutanix Support, I followed up on their given advice:

Please make sure the following 3 pre-requisites are met for the credentials you are using to migrate. User must have "Logon as Batch Job" enabled.UAC must be disabled (for local administrator it is usually disabled) (KB 4809 - disable UAC from registry) User must have "Restore files and directories" rights.
Please note any changes made to these registries will be needing a VM reboot. Post the reboot discard the current migration plan and create a new one with the same VM. It should work post that.

Thereafter the migration started successfully and I am now planning other migrations based on this one.