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X-Ray is a comprehensive, automated system test suite for data center infrastructure. It makes system testing accessible to all system administrators and anyone evaluating hyperconverged infrastructure.

X-Ray is packaged as a VM and uses realistic workloads paired with real world scenarios to simulate various workflows and events that typically occur in the data center.

Key enhancements for X-Ray 2.3 include:
  • IBM Power architecture support
  • Customized VM and vDisk configurations
  • Prism Central image service support
  • X-Ray tokens
X-Ray 2.3 Binaries, Documentation and Guides

Product Collateral

Online User Guide
User Guide (PDF)

X-Ray 2.3 VM images
Nutanix AHV binary: QCOW2
VMware ESXi binary: OVA

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December 2017 Holiday Bonanza: Bring Your Own Workloads!
November 2017 Who cares about infrastructure benchmarking?
October 2017 Simpler infrastructure benchmarking with the launch of X-Ray 2.1

Community Blogs
May 2018 .NEXT 2018: Xtract & X-Ray Updates by @RCantw3ll

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