Welcome to Nutanix User Groups

Welcome to Nutanix User Groups
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Nutanix User Group (NUG) offers members a space to share ideas, best practices and network with other cloud builders in your community. As a member of the user group you will:
  • Network with your peers
  • Share feedback and knowledge
  • Get answers to your most pressing IT questions
  • Increase your visibility by sharing your experiences, tips and ideas
Become a member on the NEXT community and join us for a meeting! View a list of chapters and upcoming meetings. If you don't see a chapter in your local area, send a request to

Meetings are run by you, our valued customers. NUG leaders are referred to as Chapter Champion, the stars of our community. Champions are the leaders, engagers, influencers, and evangelists of a growing movement to build the future of One OS. One Click. Any Cloud.

Chapter Champions have the opportunity to:
  • Engage with your peers and influence technology conversations
  • Grow your professional network
  • Access exclusive event and training discounts
  • Contribute and share your expertise on the NEXT community
  • Drive local NUG meetings (goal of 2-4 per year)
If you are Interested in becoming a NUG Champion or to learn more complete this application form.

List of chapters, champions, and community handles

Americas & LATAM
Atlanta, GA - Biju Samuel @bijusamuel; Glenn Baker @glennwbaker
Austin, TX - Chad Phillips
Bogota, Columbia - Jesus Damian Royo @jedamian09
Boston, MA - *Chapter Champ Needed*
Calgary, Canada - Faisal Jawaid
Columbus, OH - Jim Corder @jdcorder
Charlotte, NC - Reza Ashrafi, Jason Girard
Chicago, IL - *Chapter Champ Needed*
Dallas, TX - Veronica Petersen @Meep; Jarod Hallmark
Houston, TX - *Chapter Champ Needed*
Kansas City, MO - Neal Dolson
Lansing, MI (Central Michigan) - Reed Beaver
Los Angeles, CA - *Chapter Champ Needed*
Madison, WI - Matt Garthwait @gmatt2017
Minneapolis, MI - *Chapter Champ Needed*
Omaha, NE - Steve Elgan @selgan; Derek Sailors @dsailors; Patrick Bingham @patrbng; Scott Osborne @ozzy01
Orange County, CA - *Chapter Champ Needed*
Ottawa, Canada - Lucien Levreault
Philadelphia, PA - Kevin Grube
Phoenix, AZ - Shawn Thompson
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Felipe Deco @fdeco
Salt Lake City, UT - Todd Burris
San Diego, CA - Sean Keenan
Silicon Valley, CA - Jack Mulqueeney
Vancouver, Canada - Valeriu Surdu @Valeriu

New Zealand - Guy Defryn @AllBlack
Australia - Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne & Sydney
Singapore - Renny Lui

London, UK - Paul Maddocks @paul_maddocks
Frankfurt, Germany - Martin Jaeger
Netherlands - Wouter Kursten & Sibo Attema

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Hi aluciani - just wondering if there are some other NUGs set in EMEA in addition to UK and Germany.
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Hi @Makio Thanks for reaching out. I think @dtomakin can help answer that question.
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Hi @Makio - currently, the active chapters are Germany and London, soon Netherlands will kick off meetings too. I am looking to expand even further in EMEA!

There is new leadership for the Houston, Texas NUG. Standby for updates.