NUG Champions Series Part 3: Chapter Plans for 2019

  • 19 March 2019
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Are you ready for 2019?

NUG Champs shared their inspirations and secret to success in our last posts. This week, we look forward and learn what these NUG Champs have in store for 2019.

You can start a NUG in your hometown and join the team of NUG Champs. See what the Champs have planned for 2019 and let us know if you want to lead.

Q. What are your plans for your chapter in 2019?

A. “More meetings. Promote on multiple platforms (like we are doing) but inspire other members to share as well. Try and pull a meeting a little further in Western Nebraska to get some of the other customers out west to come to one of our meetings.” --Derek Sailors, Omaha NUG Champ @dsailors

A. “We have lined up our first two meetings this year and hopefully we will continue the cadence so we can dive into all the new things coming out with XI and Frame.” --Jason Girard, Charlotte NUG Champ @girardsc

A. “Three more meetings! Continue to grow our group attendance. We are 50% larger so far this year than our first meeting last year. Try to find a way to interact with NUG members between meetings.” --Steve Elgan, Omaha NUG Champ @selgan

A. “Keep doing what we are doing. Quarterly meetings keep it on everybody’s radar.” --Scott Osborne, Omaha NUG Champ @ozzy01

A. “I would plan to organize more meetups this year and continue meeting like-minded people who would like to share experiences and knowledge regarding the Nutanix technology. I would also try to encourage participants to be certified in Nutanix technology.” --Renny Lui, Singapore NUG Champ @renny-lui

A. “Do more hands on labs. Try to make the agenda items more relevant to users and their day to day issues.” --Faisal Jawad, Calgary NUG Champ @faisal.jawaid-63640

Are you ready to Champion a NUG in your hometown?

If you are ready to lead, complete the Champ application to join the team and make your own plans for 2019!

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That Girard character is a hoot. Come see us at the CLT NUG, #NCNUG