NUG Champions Series Part 2: Secrets to Success

  • 12 March 2019
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What’s in the secret sauce? This week our Champs tell us the secrets to NUG success.

We asked our Champs what makes their chapters thrive. They told us that it is a lot of factors coming together, but the two most important are people and teamwork. Read more of their stories below and check out the attached summary of Champ roles, responsibilities and benefits.

Q. NUG has taken off! What is the secret to your success?

  1. “Nutanix sells itself! If you are already a Nutant, you want to hang with other Nutants to see what they do.” --Jason Girard, Charlotte NUG Champ @girardsc
  1. “Creating a strong partnership with our local Nutanix team and, when possible, with the marketing department. Attending local Nutanix events and working with the presenters to make a plug for NUG. For example, the .NEXT roadshow and movie premieres. Having some VAR co-leads that are working with existing and potential customers daily and sharing about our NUG. Good co-leads that care about this community, and making sure that all pitch in to balance the workload for pulling off a meeting.” --Steve Elgan, Omaha NUG Champ @selgan
  1. “Great, hard-working midwest people inspiring change on the Silicone Prairie. Our SEs and Account Managers support us and are willing to go above and beyond presenting at our meetings, as well as come up with new ideas on how to keep the NUG fresh.” --Derek Sailors, Omaha NUG Champ @dsailors
  1. “Having a fantastic and diverse nucleus of co-leads, as well as support from our local SEs, means we are able to spread the word together. The local Nutanix user base and community here in the Omaha Metro and Nebraska in general is very enthusiastic and great about showing up and making it successful.” --Scott Osborne, Omaha NUG Champ @ozzy01
  1. “NUG is able to take off in Singapore with the help of the fantastic people working in Nutanix APJ. I would like to thank my partner in crime, NPX #13 David Quinney and customer success manager Joanne Teh, for helping with the kickoff and the initial meetup. They have helped me to get the location and the speakers for the event and I would like to thank them.” --Renny Lui, Singapore NUG Champ @renny-lui
  1. “User driven agenda items. Listening to user feedback and applying it accordingly. This is a good resource for networking and learning possibilities.” --Faisal Jawad, Calgary NUG Champ @faisal.jawaid-63640
And now, we ask you, are you ready to join the team and start a NUG Chapter in your hometown?

If you are ready to lead, complete the Champ application to join the team and write your very own NUG Chapter success story!

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