NUG Champions Series Part 1: Inspired to Lead

  • 28 February 2019
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Are you inspired? Are you ready to lead?

We asked Champs what inspires them to lead their local Nutanix User Group. They told us it’s about technology, leadership, vision, transformation, community and giving back. Check out their inspiring answers below. Then, learn more about the roles and benefits of being a Champ in the attached summary.

Q. What inspires you to be a NUG Champ?

A. “I really love what Nutanix has done and the vision they have. Furthermore, I like sharing it with other people and helping them visualize where the platform is headed.” --Jason Girard, Charlotte NUG Champ @girardsc

A. “It’s a product I believe in and it has transformed our IT Operations. I want to share that with other businesses too. I believe in community and how sharing of information between customers and engineers provides great value.” --Steve Elgan, Omaha NUG Champ @selgan

A. “Nutanix has enabled us to do so much in our environment at a small rural hospital. I believe that being a NUG Champ allows our hospital to have a voice within Nutanix, and shows that we are on board for the long haul. Interacting with all of the other Champs as well as everyone at the meetings helps us be more progressive and innovative with our hyper converged infrastructure. It’s the first user group I’ve really ever been a part of, let alone co-led, with a great team of NUG Champs.” --Derek Sailors, Omaha NUG Champ @dsailors

A. “Besides believing 110% in the product and the brand, for me, it’s about bringing like-minded users together who believe the same thing and want to learn and connect with each other. Nutanix is doing great things and always bringing in new features. Having our local NUG allows us to keep all of the customers in the loop and aware of everything that happens on a quarterly basis.” --Scott Osborne, Omaha NUG Champ @ozzy01

A. “I am interested in the technology that makes Nutanix tick. Personally, I feel that Nutanix is the pioneer in hyper-converged technology and sets the bar for others to follow. The product is good to use and the after-sales support is better than most of other companies that I have encountered. I want to share my experience and knowledge in the Nutanix technology and help people who are beginning to go into HCI to be informed of the correct stuff.” --Renny Lui, Singapore NUG Champ @renny-lui

A. “Nutanix changes my professional work life in a good way through ease of management, better performance and by providing work/life balance. I thought, ‘Why not spread this goodness and make other people’s lives easy too?’ For me, this is community service and giving back to my city and its people.” --Faisal Jawaid, Calgary NUG Champ @faisal.jawaid-63640

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