Xtract MIgration Vm issue

Hello Team,

We are facing below error while migrating vm's from vmware infra to our nutanix infra.

The host for this VM is not reachable. Please remedy the host issue and refresh your inventory to migrate this VM.

Below are error showing in all VM's please help to resolve this issue.

Xtract Version :- Version 1.1.6

vCenter Version :- 5.5.0

Contact Number :- +91-9920480493

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One more things to add.
we have checked from network end all vms are accessible.

please find traceroute output from Xtract VM to destination ESXi.

[root@xtract-for-vms ~]# traceroute -T
traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
1 gateway ( 6.020 ms 6.158 ms 6.391 ms
2 * * *
3 * * *
4 ( 25.946 ms 26.538 ms 26.617 ms
5 dr-esx01.parleagro.local ( 26.306 ms 26.376 ms 26.420 ms

Note :- Between xtract ( Nutanix Infra) to VMware Infra no firewall available.
Hello Team,

Any Update on this....
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Hello....I am having the same issue - did you happen to resolve it? it's unclear if it is networking or permisisons at this point....seems like a few people have the same issue. thanks!
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I experienced the same problem, and my workaround involved editing the host file on the Xctract VM. I added the IP addresses of the Vcenter and the hosts manually and the refresh of the inventory worked.
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