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Hi there,

we have gotten fairly far in our migration project, so using Xtract to actually migrate production ESX VMs to Nutanix is not going to happen here, but I gave it a shot anyway. Deployment is pretty straightforward, no issues at all. Creating a migration plan ist very easy as well.

The showstopper appeared when Xtract tried to authenticate to the source Windows VMs and none of the credentials I entered seemed to work. A support case was opened and it soon turned out that the Windows group name of "Administrators" is hard wired in a batch file Xtract executes on the source VM to check if the user has sufficient rights to perform stuff in the VM.

Like with previous versions of the NGT installer - if your local admin group is not named "Administrators" for any reason, like you use a localized version of Windows, Xtract's credential validation is bound to fail and I suppose so is the migration itself.

This has been fixed for the NGT installer, where the group's SID is queried instead of its name, but the same pitfall has obviously been carried over to Xtract.

Have a lot of fun,

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Thanks for the honest feedback. I'm in the product management team at Nutanix and am working with Engineering to address this soon. We are leveragin an agile development process for this product and have commited to releasing improvements on at least a monthly basis if not sooner, depending on the severity of the issue.