Is it possible to migrate a VM from one AHV cluster to another AHV cluster (Online or Offline)?

we are planning to migrate VMs from AHV Cluster to other AHV Cluster, Online and offline migration are acceptable. is it possible to use Xtract for migration!!.


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Hi @Meezoo3000

I think that this existing topic will help you

And Nutanix Xtract For VMs say "In this release, only migration of VMs from ESXi source to AHV target is supported.". You will need to make manual migration.

Thanks Paulo, i'm trying to find a Direct way for AHV to AHV VMs Migration without need for using 3ed party application and manual way!! :(

still i'm not able to find any simple way for that.
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Hi @Meezoo3000

You could use this command in a CVM:

nfs_ls -R -a (I don't remember right parameters). After this You can access that files by nfs://

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I'm doing this via Domain Protection and setting up a set of protection domains. Add a remote site and then setup the domains, click migrate will move VMs over.