Nutanix Files Series | Understanding Quotas

  • 9 March 2020
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Nutanix Files (Files) enables you to share files across user work stations or VMs in a centralized and protected location to eliminate the requirement for a third-party file server.



One of the main tasks while maintaining a Files server is configuring and understanding Quotas. 


A Nutanix Administrator while handling and maintaining Files architecture might have the following questions regarding Quotas. 



  • What are Quotas?

  • What are the features offered in Quotas?

  • What are the different types of Quotas enforcement policy? 

  • Which Quota policy will take precedence in case of a conflict?

  • What are some common useful commands related to Quotas for troubleshooting or administrative purposes?




Want to know the answer for the above-mentioned questions? 


Give the following knowledge-base article a read!




Want to know more about Files? 


Give this article a coffee read!


Nutanix files Guide



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