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  • 26 November 2019
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Upgrades are always daunting and scary. The one question which scares us all is

 "Will the upgrade be disruptive to my production environment?


Well, to answer it shortly and briefly.

NO, upgrading Nutanix Files will not affect your production environment.


Want to know how upgrades work in Nutanix and the workflow for Nutanix Files Upgrades?


Try going through the following Knowledge Base to understand how upgrades work in Nutanix architecture and what happens during Nutanix Files upgrade.




But what if the CVM or Nodes go down during or after the upgrade?  

The architecture of Nutanix Files is designed in a way to cater to the failure of CVM or the complete Node failure seamlessly.


In case of a CVM failure, all the active connections are disconnected, initiating the iscsi client to log in again, which happens through the external IP and the connections are now established with a healthy CVM(In short, your environment won't be affected).


Still confused about HA Failover in Files and how the architecture is still stable even after an FSVM failure?


Give the following article a coffee read to understand HA failover in brief, the expected behaviour and WHAT NOT TO DO?



In case of a Node failure, the architecture uses the leadership election and local services to cater to the failure and keep the Files server stable and healthy.


Want to know more about how we achieve this magic?

Nutanix Files High Availability 


So, long story short!


You can safely plan your Nutanix Files upgrade without any fear of the worst.


Want to know more about Nutanix Files upgrade procedure?

File Server Upgrade 


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