File Server Migration (Planned)

  • 2 July 2020
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As part of DR, Files automatically creates a protection domain for a file server and the entities within the file server (such as VMs and volume groups) during file server creation. By default, Files adds all of the entities on the file server to the protection domain.

Files Async DR takes snapshots when the preceding snapshot is complete, and has a 60-minute recovery point objective (RPO). You must enable and setup the schedule for snapshots and replication, and set up the snapshot and replication schedule for the protection domain to ensure DR.

You can provide custom names for the file server protection domains at the time of setting up the file server. If a file server does not have a specified protection domain name, the protection domain default name is NTNX-file_server_name.

Note: You can restore all self-service restore (SSR) and Windows Previous Version (WPV) snapshots that exist at the time of the Protection Domain (PD) snapshot locally or remotely.


1.       Before Activating the File Server create the Network required for Client and Storage communication if it does not already exist on the Cluster.



2.       After the network is created, go to the File Server page on Prism, select the File Server and click on Activate.


The above pre-checks are done before the file server can be activated on the Secondary site.


3.       Once the pre-checks are passed you will be given an option to enter the Client and Storage Network details.





4.       After the Activation is complete, you will find the Protection Domain and File server are in active state and all FSVMs are up and running.


Portal Documentation for more information:


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