File Server - Do we have tool for manage Non-Moving File ?

  • 16 April 2020
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Good Day!

Regarding my nutanix’s file server data has been grown up very well. So I need to clear some non-moving file because Nutanix is quite expensive storage I need allow Nutanix to store for active file only. I would like to confirm with you as below

  1. Can we listed non-moving files via command line ?
  2. Can we manage non-moving files to another place ?   

      (ex. backup server, NAS, Arcserve)

1 reply

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Hi @Pawarit 

  1. When you say non-moving files you meant the file which are not touched for couple days? If so, how many days?
  2. Yes, you can back-up the File Server through Data Protection to another Remote Site.

Please refer Nutanix Files and Data Protection Guides