Veaam cross site replication - vSphere on Nutanix to vSphere on legacy

  • 8 May 2018
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Hi all,

I have a customer running two DCs, using veaam to replicate VMs between sites.

They are renewing the infrastructure at Site 1 and are looking to adopt EMC storage for native (recoverpoint) host aware SAN to SAN replication.

Until they update the infrastructure running on site 2 they will need to continue using Veaam in the interim. I'd like to recommend they take a look at Nutanix however first need assurances that they can continue using Veaam to replicate between ESX on Nutanix & ESX on legacy.

The idea would be to then go full Nutanix at both sites (once site 2 is refreshed), swap out to AHV and live the cross site replication dream 🙂

Advice appreciated!



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2 replies

Hi All,

I have the same question here, I've been reading all the post in the community but can't find the verified answer. Even if I'm pretty sure it will be working.

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Thanks for the question @patrickpa-70159 👍

Maybe @MarkNijmeijer can help share some insights.