Backup for VM's on Nutanix

  • 20 November 2014
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Hi ,
Does Nutanix has it's own backup software to take scheduled backup for production VM's created on ESXI hosts ? or I need to use third party backup solution like Veem or netbackup? if available , does it require base license or enterprise license

please note the from prism in licensing part I saw the field Dataprotection and deduplication and others with status off,is this mean that these functions are not supported with the current license or just need to turn on?


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1 reply

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Nutanix has 3 sets of licenses Starter, Pro, Ultimate. To see the difference between different license types you can go to below mentioned link.

As far as your question about any backup solution, Nutanix provide VM level DR protection which means ability to designate certain VMs for backup to a different site. But if you are looking for local backup solution which can be restored on local site, It would be good idea to use conventional VM back up tools.