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I am eligible to take exam NCP 5.5 and have the associated exam code to take exam. However, when I click on "Take Exam" I am forwarded to which I am guessing is the website of company who now provide proctoring services. I can see your company branding and Welcome Message. The portion of screen I would expect to show refererence to NCP 5.5 and option to Schedule Exam is blank. I have raised a support case in relation to this and waited the requisite 72 hours for a reponse (that took me to about 10:00 GMT yesterday). I just wanted to get NCP 5.5 passed so I could potentially also complete NCAP 5.5 (no exam code generated yet as I guess NCP 5.5 is a pre-requisite)

Can anyone help?

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Our support team had been experiencing a high volume of cases, so the response time is slightly delayed. You should hear from them within 5 business days or your original email. If you would like to send me a private message with your case number I will be happy to check on it for you.