What is the pass percentage of NCP 5.5 exam?

What is the pass percentage of NCP 5.5 exam?

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Check the NCP Blue print guide although i was not able to get the official link, here is from the third part site

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Thank you , passed with 75%
Nutanix Certified Professional (NCP) 5.5 Exam Blueprint Guide

1.4 Passing Score
The passing score for this exam is 3000, using a scaled scoring method. The scale is from 100
-6000 Scaled scores are calculated using a mathematical formula that considers a variety of factors, including the number and type of exam questions included in a specific version of the exam. Because this combination may vary in different versions of the same examination, scaled scores provide a fair score for everyone based on the version of the exam taken.
Aman wrote:

Thank you , passed with 75%

it's 75% or 3000/6000 as mentioned in the NCP5.5 Blueprint PDF?
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the actual link to the official Exam Blueprint is here;

Or if that link doesn't work, you can get to it from here;

@yamcors has the correct scores right out of the Blueprint.
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Hi all,

For the past several months the NCP exam has been delivered through our test delivery vendor, ProctorTrack. ProctorTrack does not support scaled scoring, so if you took the exam through ProctorTrack, you needed a minimum of 75% to pass the exam.

As of 1/4/2019 the exam is being delivered through a new vendor and is streamlined to be accessible directly from the Nutanix site. We sincerely hope you will find the new process to be even easier and a better overall experience than our legacy process was. The new delivery system does support scaled scoring, and the pass score for the exam is 3000. For more on scaled scoring, see @yamcors post in this thread.