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Thanks for your feedback. We want to make sure that we are looking into the correct question. Is this the one that you are referencing?

Where is a write request first stored? (choose one)In the Oplog on an HDD driveIn the Oplog on an SSD driveThe Oplog on the Metadata drive
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I'll have to look into that. It sounds like we are having some "desktop pool rot" going on.
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I think best anwser is "In the Oplog on an SSD drive"

read more from Nutanix Pible.

The OpLog is similar to a filesystem journal and is built to handle bursts of random writes, coalesce them, and then sequentially drain the data to the extent store. Upon a write, the OpLog is synchronously replicated to another n number of CVM’s OpLog before the write is acknowledged for data availability purposes. All CVM OpLogs partake in the replication and are dynamically chosen based upon load. The OpLog is stored on the SSD tier on the CVM to provide extremely fast write I/O performance, especially for random I/O workloads. For sequential workloads, the OpLog is bypassed and the writes go directly to the extent store. If data is currently sitting in the OpLog and has not been drained, all read requests will be directly fulfilled from the OpLog until they have been drained, where they would then be served by the extent store/content cache
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Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. We have corrected the quiz and have repblished a new version of the course to reflect this change. You will not see this new version, as it is not possible to fix this in an active version without loosing all student's progress in the course, however, all new students will see the newly revised version. Thanks again for your attention to detail and for pointing this out to us! Hope you enjoyed your course!
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Couple of things I have noticed as I have just started this course this week on 1/4/16. Perhaps you can address them for future students.

1. An email was supposed to be recieved on 1-4-16 according the registration email reply after signing up for the course. I was on the lookout for it so I could get started but never received it, after checking everywhere I noticed it was sent on 1-2-16
2. Section 1, lesson "command line interface" only contains 1 slide and 2 questions. I believe something is missing since there is no information to answer question two contained on the only slide provided.
3. After completing section 1 , I do not see any way to continue the course work - section 2,3 as described in the email recieved on 1-2-16 from - Update I had also emailed the user who sent the oringinal message and they replied that it section 2,3 would be available in a few hours so this question has been addressed.

(I am registered under a differenet email than this account, if you need that information just let me know.)
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Thank you for your thoughtful feedback, Christian.

You make a good point about the course link arriving 2 days before the class officially began. We added students to the course on a daily basis, as they registered, but overlooked the potential for missing that first email. We'll work your suggestion into our next run of the course.

I have forwarded your questions about the course content to our development team. Please keep an eye on this thread for additional responses.

Please keep us up to date as you continue the course. We want to hear your thoughts and suggestions!

Best regards,
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Hello, any new students for the week of April 11? Just saying hi!
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Hi Marcel.

Welcome to the class!
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Problem with material.

Management section - Command Line Interface.

Something is wacky between "Installing the nCLI" and "Initiating the nCLI".
the header on the page says installing, but it really only displays the content of what should appear to be the initiating page.

also, when clicking on the "Troubleshooting" button and then attempting to X out of the page, the content messes up.

This is leading me to believe both issues are related to perhaps a missing slide or invalid pointers in the web code.

can this be fixed up please?
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I haven't. No Management_IP_address either. Whatup?
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Hi all, A little feedback on this course so far. There is a mixture of animation and text-heavy/screenshot slides in this course. I find the text-heavy/screenshot slides harder to absorb. Some in particular seem ripe for animation, like the ones on Prism and Prism Central. I realize that this takes time and effort, so please don't take my criticism as anything but constructive. I would also like to point out that the Web Console and nCLI sections had me wondering whether or not I should actually be logging in to the Web Console and nCLI, as opposed to just reading the slides. I started searching around my email inbox for IP addresses to gain access. As it turns out, you are only supposed to read through the slides to gain an understanding of how things will work later on when you do the labs. Of course I may be the only one who interpreted the slides in this way; please tell me I'm not. 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback. John
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It's six months later and the slides for installing the nCLI have still not been fixed.
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Is the online plus training still available for NCP 5.5? If yes, can anyone provide the link to enroll and schedule training.