NUTANIX NPP logo download and usage

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I have got my Nutanix Platform Professional 5.0 certification Oct 2017. Can you please help me to get the logo

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I havent heard anything in 3 months with regards to my same question.
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Bump, as I could use the link as well. I also do not have access to the partner portal.
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I passed NPP 5.0 assessment. Could someone tell me what is the difference between NPP & NCP ?

Is this exam (NPP 5.0) valid as It doesn't ask for any identity while giving exam ?

Also let me know how I can get certification logo for NPP. I don't have portal access.

Can I give NCP,NCAP and NPX exam without having partner access ?
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Hi trevorcoelho.,

I also pass NPP 5.0 Exam yesterday. I want to know the difference between NPP and NCP exam.

At Nutanix portal I haven't see Exam name NPP.

There only available EXam NCP NCAP and NXP.

Is this exam "NPP" valid ? Please also share link to download NPP logo if any.
Hi, I've passed NPP exam as well and does not have a partner account. Appreciate if you could send me the NPP logo download link. Thanks.
Hi! trevorcoelho . I also passed NPP5.0 . but do not have a partner portal account. Could I have the link to download NPP logo?Thank you!
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I don't have access to partner portal. Could you please send me the logo for me as well.