NCP Exam - Training Topics

I know the ECA 5.5 is helpful, I also have access to all of the Nu.School Training Videos

I am really trying to get my NCP Certification to strengthen my own knowledge/understanding about Nutanix, as well as progressing my Career with my Company.

Is there anything else I should really study, look into Inside the Nu.School? - have my AHV Certificate

I have downloaded the Exam BluePrint as well as the NCP Program Overview

ECA 5.5

AOS 5.5 - 5.8 ?
SE Academy Videos?

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I too would like some additional training resources.
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Brett & Bredo,

I have several years of experience on the Nutanix Platform, the NPP 5.0 Certification. I am studying for the NCP 5.5 now myself. I would recommend reading each of the documents associated with the Exam BluePrint thouroughly.

In addition, you should build a virtual (nested) or physical (bare metal) homelab if you do not have access to a non production Nutanix Block at work. This will allow you to work thru and familiarize your self with the PRISM Element & Central, aCLI, and nCLI interfaces, provision VMs, migrate VMs between nodes,Build Infrastructure VMs (AD for enabling Authentication, Workload Servers and Workstations (Windows 2012R2, 2016, SQL, Linux, etc)...

How to Install Nutanix CE on a Virtualized Server:

Installing Nutanix Community Edition (Bare Metal):

Download Nutanix Community Edition:

Here are some great free resources I've found online:

(NOTE: They do not have an NCP Study Guide yet but they do have an NPP Study Guide (contains much of the same material) and lots of links to the current certification resources)

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Unless it says otherwise in the NCP Certification Blueprint, I would focus on AOS 5.5 as this is the current LTS (Long Term Support) version (currently 5.5.7)...

Here are some other links I have found to be extremly useful in my understanding of how the platform:

The Nutanix Bible
by Steven Poitras: Youtube:

How to Setup a Three-node Nuc Nutanix CE Cluster:

Nutanix XCP Deep-dive – Part 4 – Nutanix SE Toolkit:

Thank You Kind Sir
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You’re welcome 🙂
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I'm up to 144 in the Nu.School, not saying much, still a novice.

Really trying to watch every video and take some really good notes before the exam...

but also, really focusing on the Exam Blueprint as well - 14 Sections to cover

Installing the Community Edition will also be a high priority
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ECA 5.5 is enough to get a passing score, but also useful to read the documentation and best practices guides (AHV, Networking).