NCP 5.5 Certification Not Able To Be Downloaded

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Hi, Nutanix NCP Administrators

1. I passed the exam 5 days before but I am not able to download the NCP 5.5 Certificate,
Nutanix gave some links, after using this links ( or on I was not able login to the account. I dont have any partner accoount and I only have the Nutanix Education Portal Account.

2. Previously I completed My Nutanix NPP 5.0 exam few months ago, was able to download the certificate the day itself without any fail.

3. Please advise any other way to download the certificate or how can I get the Nutanix - Prod account to access Nutanix Education Portal?.

4. I have attached the screen shot of the failure scenario for your reference. Kindly assist me on the the login process.



Ramakrishna Pillai Aneesh

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Hi Nutanix,

Finally I got my NCP certificate. Thank you so much for your great consideration.


Ramakrishna Pillai Aneesh