How do I register for the NCP 5.5 exam?

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I would like to register for the NCP exam and registered for it and completed the on boarding process through Proctortrack but apparently the examination vendor has changed. The link I had to start my exam on Proctortrack is no longer functional.
I received an email regarding how to register for the exam but when I try to login I'm shown the message "You are not authorized to view this page" in spite of my account being created after requesting it from Nutanix education.
I am able to login to and have completed the ECA 5.5 course and would like to appear for the exam.

I have emailed to with the ticket number #00466602 but haven't received a response yet.

Could someone please help in getting the correct authorizations in place to allow me to take the exam.

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I am also facing same problem here. Plz need suggestion regarding this issue.

Milton Sarkar
Any update Sahil?