Unable to schedule NCP-MCI exam on NutanixUni-PSI dashboard

  • 24 July 2022
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Hi all,


After completing the ECA online course and earning the free exam voucher, I am unable to schedule for the NCP-MCI exam on the NutanixUni-PSI exam dashboard ( 


At the bottom area where the schedule link ought to be located, I am instead seeing this block of text: “You can schedule an exam if you have previously contacted a PSI Customer Support representative and paid for an examination, or you believe that your licensing or certification agency has provided PSI with eligibility information for you.”


Any help would be appreciated!




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5 replies

@kane Nguyen I’m getting the same message as you. Were you able to take the Exam?

Hi Team,


I need exam dupms for ncp-mci 5.20.

Please drop link on my below id.

in my case, it must filling the Invitation Code:

Testing Event Invitation Code: Your sponsor will provide this code if you are a part of a group event.

Anyone know about Invitation code, please help ?


Thanks for the prompt response!

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Please email with your login name so that can be resolved.