Preparing for the NCP Exam

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The most common question we get asked about the Nutanix Certified Professional (NCP) certification, is “How do I prepare for the exam?” We put together this quick guide to help point you in the right direction. We’ll update it regularly as new resources are developed, so you might want to bookmark this page.

Start with the Exam Blueprint
The NCP Exam Blueprint Guide is the number one resource when you are preparing for the exam. It details every knowledge and skills objective that will be covered on the exam. More critically to your study plan, it also provides several links for each objective to support documentation, white papers, ebooks, and more where you can find more information.

As you are reviewing the Exam Blueprint Guide, keep in mind that you may not need to dive deep into every topic – especially if you work with Nutanix on a daily basis. A good first step is to review each objective and ask yourself if you could explain it clearly and concisely to a new co-worker. If so, you probably don’t need to spend as much time studying that information.

Formal Training
If you don’t currently work in a Nutanix environment, then you’ll want to gain hands-on practice another way, and training is an excellent way to do just that. The Enterprise Cloud Administration course covers all of the tasks Nutanix administrators perform, including configuring and maintaining a Nutanix environment. While it does not teach directly to the exam, it does cover the core concepts and technologies covered on the exam.
· Instructor-led class schedule
· Free online version

The Nutanix training team has created hundreds of videos on our technology and solutions to supplement the more formal courses, and also to highlight specific features and functions. We compiled the ones that are related to topics on the NCP exam in a single playlist on YouTube.
· Prepare for NCP Certification Playlist

General Test Taking Advice
For some people the technical content is not a concern, but they are uncomfortable with the exam experience itself. Or maybe it’s been a while since you’ve had to create and follow a study plan. These articles can give you advice on how to meet these concerns head on.
· Three Simple Ways to Prepare for a Certification Exam
· 10 Certification Exam Tips and Tricks from the Experts
· Test Taking Strategies and Study Strategies for Certification Exams

Did we miss anything? Post your advice for people preparing for the exam in the comments below.

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The videos are a little more important then most people think. Be sure to watch them closely
Some virtual labs would be nice, if at all possible.
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It would be nice to have some online labs or practice tests to take.
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Flash cards, as you read through the blueprint, especially for featuresets or functions you might not normally touch on a regular basis, including important tables (like RF numbers, erasure coding math, and especially different AOS processes and what they each do/talk to). All were invaluable to help me pass NCP.
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calm your nerves before the exam...a good cup of warm herbal tea helps! 😉
Use the Nutanix Demo to get familiar with the dashboards. You will need to know the dashboards really well and how to navigate them.
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Go with the white papers in detail and don't miss any topics and service
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scan the entire test and focus on the questions
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follow the ncp training and play with the CE version to learn al the basics of AHV
just followed the exam blueprint guides and passed my certification.
studying took about 3 weeks total
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Spend the time on NuSchool and watch the videos, use the test drive online for two hours of hands on experience where you can't break anything and block out time to study. Don't just assume because you use the platform that you "know" everything you need. Just like any other platform, you might know how to get the job done, but is that the way Nutanix wants the job done or did you find a way that "Sort of works".
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Badge +1 videos and access to Nutanix CE is all I needed to pass.
Focus on principal features
Some online practice tests would be great
Take the NCA Course and get some basic knowledge running CE version.
Also walkthrough the Nutanix Bible for more in depth knowledge!
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Use Community Edition to play with, NEVER underestimate the power of the NutanixBible, and STUDY.
You have to study
Go to bed early the night before. Go to toilet before the exam. Breath everything will be ok.
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Learn by doing. Use the community edition to learn the interfaces
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Learn some Linux CLI basic commands, get comfortable with navigating around the CVM's this way. It'll come in handy when there are issues!
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  • Read note and watch video on NU.School.
  • Walkthrough the Nutanix Bible
  • Intall Nutanix CE
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I have not sat a Nutanix Exam before but have sat a whole bunch of VMware, Microsoft and other vendor exams. My top tips:

  1. Always learn the "vendor" way of doing something (there is always more than one way, but only the right way will get you the credit on the exam.
  2. Always read the white papers relating to the technology being used, they often contain more information that any training can provide and are often used as a bank of information for exam questions!
  3. Practice, Practice,Practice practical exam goals (did I mention Pratice 🙂 )
  4. Join blogs with other exam like-minded people; they are often the best source of info,.
Complete the course ECA 5.5 and practice in Nutanix Demo portal
Online labs or virtual labs that can be run locally for testing and experimentation would be a huge help.
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I'd really like a practice test just so I know what the experience is like. Thanks!