Preparing for the NCP Exam

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Is very important the labs and practices
ENC 5.5 Online course will be a good start
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Cover the material multiple times, and do it in random order.
I for NCP prepared on Also yo can take online ECA course
Study right before going to bed and re-run through your notes or guides in the morning. Pound caffeine.
Online lab exercise will be nice
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Don't rush it. Read, digest, re-read.
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Take notes of all key topics and revisit them gain and again.
Nu school and certificate is so make me profesionnal
read blue print exam ... and study hard ...
Always read and Read. Then apply what you read then understand .Take the NCA course
Study hard and read Nutanix Bible
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Learn by doing. Use the community edition to learn the interfaces
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Learn some Linux CLI basic commands, get comfortable with navigating around the CVM's this way. It'll come in handy when there are issues!
ake the NCA Course and get some basic knowledge running CE version.
Also walkthrough the Nutanix Bible for more in depth knowledge!