Preparing for the NCP Exam

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Keep calm and have a good meal before the exam 🙂
take a deep Breath before starting exam
I found the guide helpful in exam prep. It was very well organized, regarding conceptual areas. However, some inclusion of architecture/design sample questions would help. It would gear the test taker toward that line of thinking for exam prep, rather than just familiarization of concept and terms.
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Push ALL of the buttons. As others have noted, getting a hold of CE and getting familiar with all of the sections of Prism and run through the documentation to get familiar with setting up individual features.
vids for sure, steady practice over months!
NuSchool has excellent videos to help with the exams!
Go through the lessons, take notes and you're set
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try playing around with the CE edition, so you can learn by doing!
Know drive encryption process if you don't use it. Make the test exam registration site more user friendly. I've had to contact twice now about getting "you are not authorized" to access this site. Plus seen several others report the same problem.
Make sure to study ESXi even if you only run AHV.
Read thoroughly and cram!!!
Watch the free training videos twice, you pick up on many things you've missed the second time around
Test Run!
Become familiar with the feel of practice questions.
Try the quizlet NCP 5.5 preparation flashcard.
Many people already created the flashcard we can use one of them for study and memorize it.
It is really helpful, if we can access test lab and practice exam questions.
Check out the videos, read thoroughly, and focus on the features.
Review Nutanix Bible
Review ECA Course in nu,school and read Nutanix Bible
Take the ECA Course in and try a demo lab to experience Prism interface
Install Nested Nutanix CE in VMware vSphere ESXi with 4 VMs AOS to create a cluster of 4 nodes. This will allow to test practically all the functionality of a real cluster and study for the application of the exam.
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  • Read note and watch video on NU.School.
  • Walkthrough the Nutanix Bible
  • Intall Nutanix CE
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I have not sat a Nutanix Exam before but have sat a whole bunch of VMware, Microsoft and other vendor exams. My top tips:

  1. Always learn the "vendor" way of doing something (there is always more than one way, but only the right way will get you the credit on the exam.
  2. Always read the white papers relating to the technology being used, they often contain more information that any training can provide and are often used as a bank of information for exam questions!
  3. Practice, Practice,Practice practical exam goals (did I mention Pratice 🙂 )
  4. Join blogs with other exam like-minded people; they are often the best source of info,.
Complete the course ECA 5.5 and practice in Nutanix Demo portal
Virtual labs! Hands on experience is the best experience in my book!