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Hello Gurus, 

I am sorry in Advance if I am posting it in the wrong location - please assist 

While I am scheduling my NCP exam I am getting these results should I proceed to schedule or should I do something additional 



Thanks in Advance 

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Try to check the Camera privacy settings , On for desktop apps

@VMwarer I know this is a month old but I have the same issue. What was your ‘found it’ solution?


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You are getting these issues due to cache and browser , Even i have faced similar issues but all i did is 

Cleared cache and made it ,

Some cases cache clearance didnot help me so i Changed browser to mozilla from chrome or log in from different computer to schedule , This is a strange but i did all these way to schedule  

From chrome I am not able to go to the exam section.

PFB.. Please as my company was planning to get more products from Nutanix, but then i am stuck with this certification. This is weird!!! And i am helpless from 2 Months struggling for support.



Change browser was solved

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Are you getting same error on google chrome ? can you pls attach the chrome screenshot ?

after changing the browser, I am not able to test the system. When tried with google chrome it does not opens exams section as showed above.



Thanks, change browser and working well

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Hi, Got you .

You dont need to register again,

Try in different browser , It should work, if not then pls wait for some time and try , its an issue from PSI

Im try to register (already take exams from nutanix) but they change when PSI load, need to register again, and cant find any eam or even Nutanix name. 

Anyone can help?


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Hi ,

I have taken my another exam today but i didnot face any issue ,

Can you pls check your settings ? if nothing helps out then write an email to Nutanix 

GSO Education <>

I have same issue, maybe some bug or windows update.

Test and ok,then on the day of exam not working, and no changes was made.

I am fed up writing emails no solution to psi video streaming denied 


i tried on multiple desktops laptops. Same error.

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You can write an email to below for support 


GSO Education <>

or Manila Leads <> 

@VMwarer ,


What is the solution?? i am facing the same issue


What solution you found?

It will be good to share for larger audience who may be looking for it.

Found it 


Thanks  @ ALL 

You cannot proceed till it gets allowed , Check your Camera settings or reach out to PSI support team 

Do they have an email?

I disabled everything, enabled my Camera and still same problem with 3 systems I tested 3 Windows Machine


  1. Check your system security (AV, Windows Diffender….) Your system firewall/AV could be blocking the Video stream out.
  2. After a minute or two, just click on the status screen (it may show allowed)
  3. Try with a different system.
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You cannot proceed till it gets allowed , Check your Camera settings or reach out to PSI support team