NCP-MCI Exam Help

  • 20 February 2021
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Hi, I already passed the NCA exam and I tried twice to pass the NCP-MCI 5.15 wo=ithout any success , its very frustrating, I been studying pretty hard the blue print and all the training material from the University website, but I found the test questions a little confusing most of the time, Cna anybody recommend a more practical study guide so I can FNALLY past this test? Thank you in avance.



5 replies

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@Juanecheco my recommendation is to study with a lab Nutanix cluster (Nutanix CE). As this proof validates a lot of knowledge in the operation of the Nutanix cluster and its functionalities, the practice here makes a lot of difference.

Hi JC, 

I passed at the 3rd attempt. I agree with Leandro: Having a CE home lab is great. Additionally,  I suggest you read all the documents, best practices, tech notes etc. Print them out if you have to, but read all of them. No jokes!



You are most welcome. 



Thank you @LeandroWPaes 

I just passed the NCP test and I follow all your suggestions, thank you very much , I really appreciated it.