Is there any HoL (Hands-on Lab) for Nutanix Platform to learn

I wanna know is there any HOL (Hands-on Lab) available for learning Nutanix Platform like VMware HoLs. Thanks in advance

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Yes. And you need access to nuschool.
Thanks Huynguen for the reply. I've nushool account and studying for the NPP exam, but I didn't see any HoL link/info there? Please help and your response will be highly appreciated in this regard.
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There is a lot of training in nuschool, but nothing that is letting you console into live environments. You can, however, pass the NPP with only the free nuschool training resources.

There are a couple other options; you can do live demos here; (see screenshot) where you can demo AHV, ESXi, or Prism.

You can also request a demo here and do it over and over if you're studying for something. I did this one multiple times.

The screenshot button is not working.
Thanks jlakman, I'll try.