How can i become a NPP and how much is the exam fees

  • 26 September 2014
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How can i become a NPP and how much is the exam fees, is the course mandatory.

7 replies

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The NPP exam is currently free to all Nutanix customers and partners. Training is recommended, but not required before attempting the exam.

We offer multiple formats for the administration course. Self-paced online eLearnining, online plus (which includes a coaching session and lab time with an instructor), and a full, 2-day instructor-led course offered by one of our authorized trainers around the world.

Please email and we'll help select the best training option for your needs and location.

We also have a public calendar, which advertises currently-scheduled training classes. You can find this at
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Is the exam available for non-customers / partners? I am interested in obtaining this exam.
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As far as I know, the exam is available via Nutanix School, so you can contact them directly visitin and you will have possibility to have have online course for NPP and other info related to the certification.
Maybe, someone from the Nutanix can help with more info.

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Yes, you can also attempt the exam if you are neither a customer nor a partner.

Please email us at and we'll set things up.
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I thought you might like this article about the youngest NPP.
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Haa, little bit late here, but I need to say Big Congrats!
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Can someone tell me what is the difference between NPP and NCP exam ?

I have check partner portal there is no certifcation mentioned as NPP

There is only certification mentioned as NCP >> NCAP > NPX