Difference between NCP and NPP

  • 20 September 2018
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Hello All,

I am completed NPP 5.0 one year ago.

I just need to understand what is the difference between NPP and NCP certification.

4 replies

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NCP is just the new certification name for the NPP, or at least to my knowledge that was the only thing that changed with it.
Yeah the NCP is the replacement for the NPP, it’s based on the AOS 5.5 and the technologies from that release. Personally it’a a lot harder to get certified. Good luck studying
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I second @PeterRobson145 NCP well focused and outlined towards configuration and nutanix in better way compared to NPP..even i feel NCP is quiet challenging compared to NPP
Hi Guys,
I was about to take NPP5.0 exam unfortunately it got expired last month. Since i have gone through most of the NPP 5.0 materials , will there be any major difference in terms of the exam/material between NPP 5.0 and NCP 5.5?