.NEXT on tour Dubai

  • 11 April 2018
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The enterprise datacenter is evolving—from legacy hardware intensive systems to software defined infrastructure that runs on commodity servers powered by a cloud OS. It’s about taking IT to the next level by combining the agility and one-click simplicity of the public cloud with the control, security, and predictable economics of a private cloud.

Are you ready for the next wave of IT transformation? Stay up to date with the latest presentations from .NEXT on tour here.

Welcome Note - Aaron White
Executive Keynote - Nutanix Vision and Strategy - Sudheesh Nair
Technology Update - Rajiv Mirani
Agile Infrastructure and Application Automation - Husain Ebrahim
Advanced Storage Services - Mahmoud Sharaf
Enterprise Apps on Nutanix, Smart Move - Ehab Helmy
How to Protect Your Data with Nutanix - Mohsin Raza Khan

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4 replies

Good show!

Can we get the video recording of Sudheesh's and Willem van der Post's presentation
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Hi @Jhuang

I don't believe there are video recording of the presentations - sorry.
I guess the Videographer didnt have any film in his camera. LOL😂
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Yeah, @Jhuang not sure who the Videographer was with. If anything does surface, I'll be sure to share - Thanks 👍