Xi Frame: Introduction to Delivering Virtual Desktops and Apps

  • 13 May 2019
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Carsten Puls (ENG)
Kong Yang (PMM)
Nikola Bozinovic (GM)

This session will introduce the Frame architecture and complete feature set within the context of the modern, digital workspace. Nutanix experts will show how Frame is the only modern, full stack, multi-cloud virtual desktop solution available on the market today. See how Frame delivers virtual apps and desktops from multi-clouds in any region to your end-users and their web browsers.

Xi Frame: Introduction to Delivering Virtual Desktops and Apps

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1 reply


Having met Nikola Bozinovic at Nutanix “.NEXT 2019”  during the deep dive sessions on Frame and the introduction of Xi Frame it is easy to see why Nutanix virtual desktop innovation is growing at an all time rate. We have been using Frame at Creighton University for over two years and we have created at “Teaching Tool” the DaaS VDI desktop that provides our students and professors all the power and flexibility they need to make our students win. The fact that class room teaching tools can live any where and be accessed anytime makes it easy for us to grow the university everywhere without having to have buildings anywhere. Any time, anywhere, any device learning is the way to greatness, and we have Nikola and his team to thank for. Go Jays! Go Nutanix!