Nutanix X-ray: Performance and Benchmarking Built for HCI

  • 12 May 2019
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Gary Little (TME)
Chris Wilson (Eng)

HCI has become the clear choice for datacenter modernization. With a new architecture comes an updated approach to qualification and benchmarking solutions. Application owners and architects can't rely on synthetic tests and hypotheticals — they want to know if their application will perform as expected! In this session, you will see how to compare HCI solutions based on real-world use cases that include not just application performance but also reliability by revealing how tested solutions perform during various common failure scenarios. Using our open X-Ray benchmark platform, you will learn why microbenchmarks like IOmeter are insufficient and the importance of evaluating HCI in the context of real use cases.

Nutanix X-ray: Performance and Benchmarking Built for HCI

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