NEXTEU2019 - Xi Clusters: Accelerate Your Hybrid Cloud Journey with Nutanix in Public Clouds

  • 15 October 2019
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Sridhar Devarapalli (GM), Dwayne Lessner (TME), Partner (Amazon)

The Nutanix core virtualization stack comprises AOS, AHV, and Prism. With Nutanix on AWS, the stack runs on Amazon EC2 bare metal instances, seamlessly extending on-premises datacenters to AWS—without changes to applications or IT processes. By leveraging Nutanix AOS, applications can be migrated freely back and forth from an on-premises environment to cloud, making Lift-and-Shift invisible. In this session, learn all about the Nutanix on AWS solution (in tech preview) from key technical leads, discover customer options, get use cases for this hybrid solution, and more.

Xi Clusters: Accelerate Your Hybrid Cloud Journey with Nutanix in Public Clouds

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2 replies

Few clarifications

  • With Nutanix on AWS Bare metal EC2 instance, who will be managing the Nutanix components like AOS, AHV in terms of upgrades & patching.
  • Is there any compatibility matrix which highlights the minimum versions of AOS/ESXi/AHV versions which will work with Nutanix Xi cluster in AWS
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The customer will be responsible for patching and upgrades. This is not a managed service but we are striving to me it super easy. It’s also way you get to use your own account instead of be forced to integrate with one we control. One-click upgrades should make that easy. There is no plans to support ESXi on AWS, only AHV. 

Remember this is not GA yet.