Unlock The Power of Big Data Applications on Nutanix

  • 14 May 2018
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Dwayne Lessner
Anand Varma Chekuri

The modern concept of Big Data wasn't born in the cloud, but the two did grow up together. Of all the workloads one could name, Big Data seems almost uniquely suited to the public cloud's bursting capabilities. Performance and scale are the capabilities of a cloud platform that are most often discussed for running these workloads, but that ignores other platform capabilities where substantial value can realized, such as on-going operations and organization agility. Join us for a meaty technical session to understand not only how Nutanix, paired with applications such as Cloudera and the Apache Open Source suite, can help you mine and crunch data for business insights, but also how you can easily scale environments up and down and reduce management burden to be more efficient. We will discuss deployment architectures, best practices, real-world customer examples, new Nutanix technologies, like compute only nodes, and demonstrate the one-click simplicity Nutanix brings to your Big Data environments.

Unlock The Power of Big Data Applications on Nutanix

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