Twitter accounts to Follow; Let's Get Social

  • 12 February 2018
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We all know how busy things can get at a technology conference, and one of the best ways to stay up to date and never miss a moment is using social media. It provides with a 360' degree view of any conference. You can quickly find out where people are, things they are up to and anything cool they have just seen or heard.

To get you started, here are a few Twitter accounts to follow:

#NEXTConf - Hashtag for the event

Dheeraj Pandey | @dheeraj
Sunil Potti | @sunilpotti
Julie O'Brien | @julieaobrien
Sudheesh Nair | @sudheenair
Steve Kaplan | @ROIdude
Dwayne Lessner | @dlink7
Sachin Chheda | @StorSC
Michael Webster | @vcdxnz001
Steven Poitras | @StevenPoitras
Derek Seaman | @vDerekS
Josh Odgers | @josh_odgers
Angelo Luciani | @angeloluciani
Kees Baggerman | @KBaggerman
Nikita Maheshwari | @nikitamah

Nutanix Technology Champions
René van den Bedem | @vcdx133
Brandon Graves | @brandongraves08
Frederic Lhoest | @flhoest
... and more being added

Check back here often for an updated list. Engage and reach-out to these folks on Twitter - we'd all love to hear from you!

If you are attending .NEXT in New Orleans or London this year, REPLY to this thread and add your Twitter handle and a little bit about yourself - I'm looking forward to connecting with you in the community lounge - See you there!

8 replies

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You may add Wouter 😉 @Magneet_nl
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Me too @ThomasD = @Oeppelman
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Looking forward to being at .NEXT and meeting/re-connecting with you. Twitter = @MikeGelhar
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Looking forward to seeing you all at the show @mikegelhar @ThomasD @flhoest
Signed up and ready to go! Looking forward to it. Twitter: @RCantw3ll
Really looking forward to being part of .NEXT 2018! Please add my handle: @hscavetta
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Inviting you all to come say hi and pick up cool stickers at the ControlUp expo booth. My Twitter handle is @RotemAgmon
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Admincafe is also there with @infofrs. Stay connected.