Think Global Act Local, with Robo-as-a-Service (London)

  • 2 December 2018
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Alberto Valero, Nordics Leader, Cognizant Cloud & Infrastructure Services
Greg White, Solutions Marketing Principal, Nutanix

Across banking, healthcare and retail industries, many organizations establish remote and branch offices (ROBO) to enter new markets or offer services closer to end consumers. For many of these enterprises, it’s a real challenge to provide IT support to these locations. Quickly connecting remote and branch offices to the enterprise is essential to advancing operational agility. Join us to learn about the journey that Cognizant led a client through, with solutions powered by Nutanix. This organization’s significant investments in remote IT based on traditional architectures was crumbling under ever-growing demands of the business. The client’s new ROBO-as-a-Service offering delivered by Cognizant leverages the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS to converge compute, storage and software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) components, and is made available on-demand.

Think Global Act Local, with Robo-as-a-Service

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