Smart Data Replication with Sync and Near Sync

  • 14 May 2018
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Partha Ramachandran
Mike McGhee

You have multiple datacenters running applications of various levels of business criticality. How can you ensure your data is where you need, and available when you need it as part of your BCDR planning? When it comes to data protection, Nutanix has you covered. Replication is a native feature of the Enterprise Cloud OS, offering synchronous, asynchronous, and near-synchronous replication that can be granularly controlled to meet all of your RPO/RTO goals. In this session, Nutanix experts will review the use cases and strategies for our data synchronization options, and demonstrate how easy it is to configure data protection via Prism.

Smart Data Replication with Sync and Near Sync

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3 replies

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Hey aluciani, thanks for the hint. It is indeed working but our corporate firewall blocked it. Should have checked that before.

Thanks for pointing in the right direction
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sadly the dropbox link is not working. Would be very interested in this document. Can you please reup it?

Thank you very much in advance
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Hi @Dennis_Konrad

I tried the link and it should be working - you should give it another try. Thanks