Managing Nutanix Clusters with PowerShell (London)

  • 2 December 2018
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Pekka Halmkrona, Senior Specialist, Bittum Wireless

Automation is turning manual or repetitive IT management tasks into a thing of the past-including in the datacenter. Nutanix not only provides a world-class user interface and API’s but also a comprehensive set of PowerShell cmdlets to help manage many day to day datacenter operations. This is important as many other infrastructure components in the datacenter can also be managed by PowerShell In this session, You'll explore how one Nutanix customer used PowerShell to manage his environment and migrate away from his legacy Hyper-V environment into an AHV environment with a few weeks of scripting effort saving him hours of time and an expensive migration project budget.

Managing Nutanix Clusters with PowerShell

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