First time in New Orleans - Cool Places to Eat

  • 12 February 2018
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Is this your first time in New Orleans? Here are some places close to the conference you might want to check out - take a moment to explore and get to know the people, culture and food.

Galliano Restaurant
Located on the corner of Fulton and Julia (200 Julia), Galliano Restaurant is the rustic. casual cousin of Restaurant Rebirth. Chef Ricky Cheramie twists traditional homestyle Cajun creations in a contemporary fashion to create a taste and feel of the bayous of Louisiana. This new menu features swamp favorites such as alligator, crawfish, and raw oysters; from the flatlands they deliver wild boar sausage, duck, Cajun marinated prime rib, and of course chicken--Chef Ricky style.

Restaurant Rebirth
Located at 857 Fulton Street, Rebirth Restaurant is the Warehouse District’s only destination for farm-to-table Cajun Creole cuisine. South Louisiana native Chef Ricky Cheramie creates food for the soul. We squeeze our own sugar cane juice for simple syrup, sugar cane vinaigrette, and creole mustard sugar cane glaze.

Mulate's New Orleans
Mulate’s is known as the original Cajun restaurant, famous for preserving and celebrating the food, music and culture found in the small towns and along the bayous of south Louisiana. But the restaurant that prides itself on being true to its roots would never have opened its doors if owner Kerry Boutté hadn’t ventured out of Cajun Country and into restaurants and dance halls of New Orleans, Houston and even Europe. There is a lot to learn about us, so just stop in and experience the original Cajun restaurant.

If you have a favorite restaurant or any suggestions for folks new to the area, REPLY to this thread with your recommendation! The power of community helping others - see you in New Orleans.

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Mulate's is crowded, but amazing. My colleague and I went last year during Veeam-On.

I also recommend doing the Gators and Ghosts bayou tour, it's a bit out of town but an amazing experience. The bar across the street from the tour is called "Mona Lisa Lounge". They often do crawfish boils right outside, and the owner is an awesome guy!
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Thanks for sharing @spearson sounds like you had a great time and the food did not disappoint. Thanks for the recommendations, hoping to check those out 👍