Benchmarks in the Age of HCI

  • 14 May 2018
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Chris Wilson
Priyadarshi Prasad

HCI has changed the virtualization storage landscape. With a new architecture comes an updated approach to qualification and benchmarking solutions. Application owners and architects don't need synthetic, unrealistic numbers—they want to know if their application will perform as expected! In this session Nutanix will review our open benchmarking tool, X-Ray, which moves the test focus from maximum throughput or lowest latency to more applicable and thorough tests of a storage and compute system. It automates the analysis of both consistent performance, and reliability, during test scenarios that affect applications negatively, like node failures or more work added to the host. You’ll learn about using X-ray, the danger of solely relying on microbenchmarks like IOmeter, and the importance of evaluating an infrastructure in the context of real-world use.

Benchmarks in the Age of HCI

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