Services do not start post Move - Windows Server / Oracle

  • 12 October 2020
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Hello all. Just thought I’d post this up in case anyone has any bright ideas :)

We ran into a problem migrating an application with Oracle DB services on Windows Server.

Once the server was migrated and cutover, the OS and network appeared to be operating as expected however installed Oracle services were failing to run with “access denied” errors.

We re-tried migration, retaining the vNIC MAC address, in case there was something fussy about Oracle’s services but no joy there either.

We are migrating from ESXi  to AHV 5.15, using Move 3.6.0. I only post this for information as I don’t believe there is anything wrong with the Move process. We have successfully migrated many other applications.

We’ll obviously seek product support but I feel like this may be one of those grey areas that no-one wants to own! So if anyone has any good ideas or has experienced this kind of issue before please let me know - thanks in advance :)

2 replies


Hi There,

Where you using ASM/RAC for Oracle?

Please verify the disk partition and disk uids. 



Thanks Farhan. I believe it was Oracle RAC, specifically the Oracle Listener service.

Good tip regarding disks - does Oracle operate at disk UID level on Windows? Please forgive my ignorance :) I’m currently browsing Pluralsight for a primer on Oracle components as it’s not something I know at all!