Move 3.6.2 - Stuck at Press F2 for EFI Boot Manager

  • 1 December 2020
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I am moving virtual machines with Move 3.6.2 from Hyper-V to an AHV CE cluster. Everything goes well, but after the cutover the AHV VM is stuck at the ‘Press F2 for EFI boot manager’ screen and cpu usage around 52%. Pressing FN+F2, F2, CTRL+F2, ALT+F2 or other combinations have no effect. Please advise. Hyper-V host is Win2019, VM is 2019 with boot from bootmgfw.efi and secure boot disabled. Also tried with Edge, Chrome and IE, same result, stuck at ‘Press F2 for EFI boot manager’ screen.


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Have you tried to boot the VM in legacy mode? Does that give you any other results? It’s been a while since i ran Move from hyper-v but i remember i had some problems with getting then iscsi virtio drivers to install automatically. So wondering if you pre migration manually install the Nutanix VirtIO driver package could help? There is a similar Thread here, that might help: UEFI Servers do not boot after V2V to AHV using Move 3.3.1

Hi, we have done multiple migrating of VMs from Hyper-V to AHV, first is to have VirtIO installed. It would be good to have it pre-installed before you perform the migration, however, it is still possible to inject the driver after the VM has been migrated. Your symptoms seems to suggest UEFI was not chosen as the boot device, can you give this a try? Can you also check if the windows partition is MBR or GPT? We have encountered that servers with MBR windows partition can only boot on legacy, and GPT UEFI. If you as mentioned above that you do not have VirtIO installed after being migrated, and am able to hit the page where you can open a CMD (either by mounting an windows ISO or booting in recovery), follow this link to perform the injection. How to inject storage VirtIO driver if it was not installed before migration to AHV