Failed to install Nutanix App Mobility device drivers.

  • 26 May 2019
  • 4 replies

While i am moving DB server from Vmware to AHV it show this error
Failed to install Nutanix App Mobility device drivers. Error: Expected AMD to be installed.

4 replies

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can you provide more details on this? For example, which procedure did you use, any specific VMware configuration, what is the hardware configuration etc.?
Even i am facing similiar issue when i am trying to move VM using xtract tool.

Vcenter : 6.5
Hardware :Cisco UCS blade.

I have moved couple of VMs from same hardware and vcenter.
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given that there was not feedback on this I believe the Nutanix Move forum would be more useful here (, there is probably more expertise on xtract there ...
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hi @andrew_ct , yeah the move channel is better, but generally speaking this may be a problem with an out of date error message. Can you verify you are using Move 3.1 and not an old version of Xtract as mentioned in the thread? I would recommend you open a support incident with our support team to get this resolved quickly.