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  • 22 February 2021
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Dears ,

hope you are doing well ,

actually I have question regarding the Karbon replication between main and Dr site .

is it doable to replicate all the karbon clusters to another site with PVC and all configuration that stored in the karbon cluster .

I mean we need to have DR site to be synced and ready for service . 


thanks in advance .

3 replies

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Hey @abbasi what exactly are you trying to implement?

Are you trying to backup the Worker, master and etcd nodes? 

I didn’t quite get the question.:sweat_smile:

Nutanix currently does not have a supported native workflow for backing up Karbon infrastructure or Kubernetes applications running on Karbon.

The applications running on the Kubernetes clusters need to be backed up using a Kubernetes API-aware solution like open-source Velero.
Karbon will, in the future, provide a way of backing up Kubernetes applications. But, there is no guaranteed timeline on this.


Some unofficial tutorials for backing up Kubernetes applications:



Hope the above helps.:smile:

thanks for your reply Anish ,

but my question is not to have backup for the karbon , am asking about if we can have sync or Async DR replication , I mean tow separate site with active replication 

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Hi abbasi,


There is no native Nutanix option for DR of Karbon. Velero has DR capability for Kubernetes. Take a look at the URLs that Anish included in his response.