Join our CDO/CIO virtual event: Using Edge Analytics to Simplify your Digital Transformation Journey

  • 8 July 2019
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When: July 9, 2019 10am PDT | 1pm EDT
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The digital enterprise continues to flourish within organizations allowing new products and services to be conceived. Discovering new paths to innovation is key in enhancing this digital journey. These new innovations are accelerating insights and allowing us to better analyze IoT data and helping us to learn more about where it’s created. Due to edge analytics, we can now eliminate complexity, increase your competitive advantage, and free developers to focus on the business logic powering IoT applications and services.

Join Argyle Executive Forum, in partnership with Nutanix, in our 2019 CDO/CIO Virtual Event: Using Edge Analytics to Simplify your Digital Transformation Journey. During the event we’ll discuss the following topics:
  • Learn more about best practices for pursuing digital transformation
  • Minimize production downtime and reduce overall production costs
  • Deliver real-time omni-channel personalization to better the customer experience
  • Gain a competitive advantage through real-time insights from connected devices
  • Accelerate insights by rapidly developing and deploying complex IoT apps at planet-scale
  • Lower bandwidth needs and increase operational efficiency by processing data at the edge
  • Discuss why edge placement is important and how it’s being adopted
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If you didn't get a chance to join this webinar live, stay tuned, we'll have the on-demand recording available soon!
The on-demand replay of this webinar is now available! Listen to the insightful discussion with Hugh Arif, Director of Industry 4.0 Solutions at AT&T, and Kevin Johnson, Lead Enterprise Architect for IoT and Edge Data at CSL Bering, as they answer questions like:
  • How they are using edge analytics and what impact it has had on business
  • How they identified and prioritized their use cases
  • How they are enhancing their customers' experiences with technology innovation
  • and more
View the webinar here: