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  • 14 December 2017
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Hi all,

I've successfully installed the ACS on my cluster and can be seen in the SSP, and so far can deploy a basic container from the docker store, great all working from the SSP!

However the question is how can I build or deploy from my desktop (mac OS) cli on nutanix ACS? I'm also looking at using the ACS in our some CI/CD pipelines using runners from our local gitlab install, these runners are centos linux machines.

The existing documentation I could find in the portal appears to go through the docker VM creation using docker-machine, excuse the noob, but are these already created with the install of the container services?

Are their any step-by-step for the noob that show me how to connect to acropolic container services from my desktop?

Also the last question (for the moment) - I read somwhere in the Acropolic Container documentation stating container services are not yet production ready, when will it ?

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